Conversation between Schumacher and Engineer during Monza

  • Engineer: Michael, we're concerned you might get a penalty for blocking.
  • Michael: Why?
  • Engineer: Because Race Control just warned us you were blocking.
  • Michael: Blocking? Why - it's my own team-mate?
  • Engineer: No, it's Hamilton. That yellow helmet is Hamilton not Nico.
  • Michael: Oh (pause) I can't see anything in my mirrors.
  • Engineer: Are the mirrors broken?
  • Michael: No, somebody has stuck a nice photo of Kobayashi in the left mirror and Petrov in the right mirror.
  • Engineer: Can you repeat that?
  • Michael: Only joking - hang on a second, we're coming up to Ascari ...Yes! And again he fails to take The Schum! Get in there mein Sohn!
  • Engineer: Michael, you have to stop blocking.
  • Michael: We are having a nice battle.
  • Engineer: Charlie doesn't see it that way.
  • Michael: You know I wonder if I can get him onto the grass this lap...
  • Engineer: If you don't stop blocking I'm going to get Ross.
  • Michael: Not listening!
  • Ross: Michael, this is Ross. You have to leave room for Lewis at Ascari
  • Michael: There is plenty of room.
  • Ross: You need to leave a car's width of tarmac, not just a car's width between yours and the barrier.
  • Michael: This really is a nice lot of fun.
  • Ross: Michael, you have to leave Lewis room, if you collide-
  • Michael: He'll get the blame. He always gets the blame for everything. It won't be a problem.
  • Ross: We had enough trouble with Rubens last year.
  • Michael: Schum, Schum, Schum Schum, Schuuuuuuuuuum!
  • Ross: If you don't move over I'll tell people about 1994.
  • Michael: know, I think my tyres are going off.
  • [Ends]
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